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Seacret Products

I grew up having typical skin issues – acne as a teen, no time for a regimen, and burned to a crisp in the hot Southern California sun.

When I was 25, my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer. Seeing a vibrant, beautiful woman with scars on her face was a wakeup call. I vowed then to do whatever I could to protect my skin.

I tried a lot of products and they all seemed to be the same – just with a different label or package.

Years later, I went through chemotherapy myself. Afterwards my skin was noticeably dehydrated and I went searching for a regimen that would address my needs for protection, repair and nourishment – but something not too complicated for me to do.

When I tried the Dead Sea Minerals products from Seacret my skin literally felt like it had a drink of water! Suddenly I didn’t feel the dry tightness and I knew I was hydrating my skin and body.

Now I have a simple regimen that addresses the inevitable aging process and my skin has less wrinkles, it’s healthier and a lot more more radiant. The nutrition allows me to have more energy and mental clarity for my active lifestyle. I sleep through the night and I feel rested when I awake. For a complimentary consultation, please contact me.

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Seacret Nutrition

Slurp, Slumber, Recover. I never liked taking pills. For some reason I just couldn’t swallow them so I would avoid them. Yet having a good night’s sleep used to elude me and grabbing a cup of coffee at 2:00 in the afternoon (or a nap) was commonplace. With this simple, convenient method of nutrition I get all the benefits of the Dead Sea in a grab-n-go style I can do.  If you have any questions please contact me.


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Seacret Business – Founder’s Story

Previously to this industry, I owned a design and event company. I worked every holiday, every weekend, all the time. It became stressful to my body and I had no time to be with my family – even for special occasions. I felt like I was leaving them behind to pursue a career and put food on the table.

So I began looking for other options that would provide leveraged income, a flexible schedule and a strong purpose.

I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing and honestly didn’t see myself doing it. I felt like I didn’t have the skill set and my obstacle was my own self-doubt about what I could offer.

I learned that by having a simple conversation sharing what I love, tapping into the support system and mentors available to me, I can be a problem solver.

I am grateful for this business because through it I get to become a confident, loving and inspirational leader. My Lifestyle is one of flexibility and freedom that allows me to write my books, start a charity project, travel with my husband, and retire early without being a financial burden to my family.

If you are curious about how this lifestyle may be a fit for you, please contact me.


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