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Libby Jason, owner of LifeStyles by Libby, is an entrepreneur and an accomplished business woman. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Business from University of Phoenix and pursues personal development courses on a quarterly basis. A native of California, Libby began her corporate career as an Associate Product Manager for a Optometric/Ophthalmic company later bought by Allergan.

While hosting medical focus groups throughout the country, it fueled Libby’s entrepreneurial spirit, thus creating an upscale event planning company, Your Home Plate. Partnering with a professional chef, Libby orchestrated personalized events for 13 years throughout Southern California solely based on referrals.

Married and the mother of two sons, Libby endeavored into network marketing in skin health. Previously with Arbonne International, Libby became an Executive Regional Vice President and continued for 14 years. Seeking a long term vision for growth and expansion, Libby began working with Seacret in 2014 and is thrilled to be at the forefront of a rapidly expanding global health and wellness revolution.

Libby enjoys contributing to the community through charities, volunteering and women’s associations. She relaxes spending time at the beach, reading, good restaurants with friends, interior design, shopping as an art form, yoga, scuba diving, snow skiing and traveling with her husband.

Libby is currently working on a book “Out-the-Door Beauty in less than 7 Minutes!” – available Fall 2017


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