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One of my favorite things to do is pay it forward. In business as in relationships, paying it forward never goes out of style. I am a problem-solver. I want my clients to feel important, feel valued, respected and worthwhile. I help you to connect to other people with like interests and enjoy a better mind, body and lifestyle. I bring the benefits of the Dead Sea to you. I put mud on your face, minerals in your body and money in your pocket. I would love to connect and add value to you.


Seacret Products

I grew up having typical skin issues – acne as a teen, no time for a regimen, and burned to a crisp in the hot Southern California sun.When I was 25, my mother was diagnosed with….Read More

Seacret Nutrition

Slurp, Slumber, Recover. I never liked taking pills. For some reason I just couldn’t swallow them so I would avoid them. Yet having a good night’s sleep used to elude me and grabbing a cup of coffee at 2:00 in the afternoon (or a nap) was commonplace. With this simple, convenient method of nutrition I get all the benefits of the Dead Sea in a grab-n-go style I can do. Read More

Seacret Business – Founder’s Story

Previously to this industry, I owned a design and event company. I worked every holiday, every weekend, all the time. It became stressful to my body and I had no time to be with my family – even for special occasions. I felt like…Read More

What People Are Saying!

“I’ve know Libby through several professional business organizations over the last 3 years. I have always been very impressed with her professional appearance and her through knowledge of not only the company she represents, Seacret Direct, but also the efficacy of the Dead Sea. She has shown how their skin, body and nutrition line aide in my goal of long term healing from the inside out to the outside in.”

Anna Kleiman
Rapid Impact Inc.

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